What are we doing this week?


Purpose made large frame supplied and fitted using accoya timber. 


Purpose made compact wardrobe using Tulipwood and mdf board, well done Steve and Chris.

Fitted by Mr Webb himself.....all spray sealed and primed only ready for last coat by hand.


Just spray sealed and primed some bespoke simple heavy duty shelving and cupbaords, all ready for fitting. 


Where is this month going? 

Last job of the year, bespoke solid oak cupboards and shelving....must be fitted by Christmas (should be o.k), oh and a sliding ladder too.


Stage one..... sketch the project out, helps confirm the scale and final look!!

Not quite finished yet, so apologies for the trailing wires etc, hopefully I will take a better picture later when complete.

Steve and Chris built these cupboards and shelving units using Tulipwood and mdf board, they were then spray sealed and primed only, ready for a final coat on site.

The top units will have a solid oak desk fitted shortly.

Same lovely property!!

Major repair work to almost every window using quality timbers and the Repaircare system, it was then fully decorated by R C Decoraters who carried out a super job!!

The centre sections will store round logs!!! shelves and posts solid oak.



Charming frame ledged and braced door manufactured from quality pinewood and vac-treated for long life(this was to match their other door) Sikkens base coat and left ready for further decoration.


Bespoke kitchen cupboards for Emsworth Kitchens, to match customers owe, spray prime only.


Low cupboard underway!!!Tulipwood and mdf board, notice the cock bead around the frame for added detail.

All to be spray painted.


This property and one other had very slim sashes with single glazing (six windows in total).....we manufactured thicker sashes with a clever design feature which allowed us to incorporate 'Slimlite' sealed units finished with face putty, at the same time copying the internal mouldings....slim bars...horns etc.


The frames were refurbished i.e paint burned off, repairs carried out, then the timbers were treated with wood preservative and primed.


We used lead weight to counterbalance the sashes, timbers were vac-treated and primed prior to decorating, draught excluders were also fitted........just a good decoration needed.

Sashes ready to be fitted ...see above!!!


Four pairs of french doors manufactured using Accoya timber, 'Slimlite' units to be fitted.

Ready for fitting!!!!


We supplied and fitted these solid oak bespoke doors for a plant room to a swimming pool area, finished in Sikkens.....lovely!!!


We are just about to start manufacturing four sets of like for like french doors using Accoya timber, we will also be fitting slim double glazed units so we can maintain the slim glazing bars and face putty.



Replacment like for like purpose made window...lovely design.


Standard ash doors supplied and fitted along with two bespoke fully glazed ash doors,you cant see them but they are there (opposite side).


The old oak removed and the new air dried oak fitted, we sealed all the ends, and fitted Flexistrip up against the glass for a bertter seal.

Top decoraters from Londoncoating the oak with Sikkens.


Two bespoke internal doors just manufactured using Ash....lovely job, just waiting for the glass then we can book a fitting date, a further six doors also to be fitted however these will be some vennered flush doors with an inlay for added detail. one sugar and milk please!!


Bespoke fitted cupboards to hide away coats,shoes and all those bags,we fitted this last year however the customer could not deside on the handles till now!!!......dark oak handles manufactured and fitted to compliment the stairs (which you can't see, but take my word for it they are there)


Three lovely windows, manufactured like for like including side-on cock bead and slim sash bars. We used Accoya timber for very long life and crisp detail.



Purpose made door and frame again using Accoya timber, shaped head as existing, slim bars, built in drought excluders and hardwood cill, awaiting slim double glazed units........cant wait to fit it!!!!!

Say no more!!!!


The old doors were very rotten so we manufactured some bespoke french doors and top fan light using Accoya timber (check it out on the web) long lasting and crisp,we primed the doors and R.C Decorators are completing the decoration.

We also supplied fitted cupboards and shelving at this property, refurbished sliding sash windows and carried out repair work......all with a smile on our face!!!!


Ok I know we are still on this job, its been going on for a while now, however another stage complete, internal panels and architraves now fitted, the decorator will get another coat applied then the last phase will be the shutters....its been quite a job this one however looking the bee's knees!!!!!!


We supplied and fitted two cupboards and shelving inthe living room, both manufactured using Tulip wood and mdf, we spray primed it then its over to Roe Chaffey (top decorator)

Major repair work to these lovely doors, new purpose made back door and traditional window also supplied and fitted.


What a great project to start the year....cedar cladding on the ceiling of a large carport and entrance area...the smell is stunning...the timber not us!!!!


This is not just a beautiful hand built oak shelving unit for dvd's etc but a secret door leading to some stairs, the door is fitted on a strong pivot hinge and held closed with magnets.....lovely tv as well!!!!



Hello!!! where has the time gone?... it looks like this is all we have done over four weeks, not true, apart from this lovely oak shelving unit (extra deep for large books) we have been busy refurbishing sash windows also working on a property in Birdham Pool small works to start with leading on to an oak furniture project (photo's to follow).


Myself, Steve and Chris were all fitting this one, only once again I am taking the photo

:-) so I am emitted, lovely frame and sashes, so much work gone into it.... we eventually will be bringing the pebble-dash down to meet the shaped top frame's as it looked many years ago!!

Shaped internal panels and architraves to follow.



At last, almost ....out with the old, the timbers did not line up,very rotten and poorly manufactures, theirs NOT ours.


Bespoke door and frame now complete...looking great!!


Really pleased with the look of these wardrobes, They are just having a final coat of paint on today followed by the handles (more photo's to follow) Internal work sprayed to a sating finish, manufactured using Tulip wood and sheet material.



We supplied and fitted some bespoke casement sashes for this bay, thin double glazed units were also fitted to improve heat loss, awaiting decoration.


What a great job!! we have been working on a brand new property in Bosham built buy the Germans (top quality I have to say), we built some walk in wardrobes and hall cupboards to hide away the coats and shoes etc, we used 30mm mdf board and Tulip wood all sanded to a fine finish, spray finish,

Ps...took us two days to work out the hi-tec boiling water tap for a cup of tea... must be getting old.


Supply and fit two new replacement dormer windows for the Chichester Club, matching existing moulding details and dimensions, vac-treated and primed and fully decorated....refurbish the existing sliding sash windows.


Very large frame with three shaped sashes above, still plenty to do but looking really nice, one coat of aluminium primer applied to date.


The start of an interesting project.....


Hello..... a rare picture of me working, lovely customers and lovely project. We carried out work to change the staircase from painted panelling to oak, also curved oak skirting board and picture rail manufactured and fitted. We are now building some bespoke cupboards again using oak with a maple inlay....all need decorating yet but looking good....well done Steve Evans for some very nice joinery.



Bespoke solid hardwood door and frame supplied and fitted (just waiting for the decorater to finish), last of the ironmongery to be fitted, door 53mm thick ....creaky backs all round!!! well done Steve and Chris.


This week we were helping King & Drury (top quality builders and developers) refurbish this building and turn it into a new Chichester cafe, we refurbished and repaired the four windows and the old grain doors.....I better check out the coffee now its open!


Whats going on? sliding sash work again.... new bespoke side window as existing and new replacment sashes again like for like.....all gone well but sore head from low beams..ouch!!

12.4.14 Traditional sliding sash window manufactured and fitted, matching moulding details from the existing windows.....much better... just needs a final decoration!!

OUT WITH THIS HORRIBLE PLASTIC WINDOW!!!!!! (back of a listed building)

26.2.14 Just building a seating area with built in shelving above, still backing to do and final painting.

26.2.14 Complete!!!!Twenty eight sliding sash windows refurbished, stripped down, new cords, draught excluders, additional weights, replaced broken glass, ready fpr a full decoration....nice job!

27.1.14 Painted balcony with oak decking and glass frontage, what a wet few days for fitting though !!!

19.12.13 Steve and Martin are on site working on the kitchen in the warm with that cosy Christmas feeling, Chris is tidying the workshop ready for 2014.


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all our customers and suppliers

16.12.13 The bespoke kitchen is now being fitted, worktops tommorow, mince pies all round!!

6.12.13 Just fitted a nice purpose made media unit using Tulip wood and mdf, we sprayed it with sealer and primer ready for a final coat to be applied by hand. Oak shelving and top fitted to add some warmth.

1.12.13 This photo does not to this project justice, We are building a purpose made kitchen with quiet a bit going on, Steve has but a lot of effort into it as usual, better photo's to follow possibly with him facing the camara!!!!

21.11.13  getting there!! We ended up replacing the newel posts with oak, over clading the strings (stair sides) and forming two shaped treads for a carpet finish.

Nearly there more photo's to follow.,

17.11.13 Martin starting to transform a painted staircase into oak. 

8.11.13 AFTER.... bespoke doors and frames to suit existing openings, the corner took some thinking about as both existing frames were not aligned, as you can see we followed the line of the panels and bars to overcome this.


Decoration carried out by R.C Decoraters (top chaps)

8.11.13 BEFORE!!!!


8.11.13 Well done Martin and Chris..... We completely refurbished these beautiful sliding sash windows, some of them have not opened for years, we balanced the sashes, fitted new cords and additional weight, we burned of the lumps and bumps ready for the decorator, we also supplied and fitted new conservation type parting bead and staff bead, all ready for decorating!!!


8.11.13 If you could zoom in on Steve's face you would see he looks a little concerned....or is it excitment? anyway I made him a coffee and he is fine now.


Photo's of the kitchen to follow.

8.11.13 what a busy month!!!! Martin and Chris seem to be refurbishing endless sliding sash windows (photo's to follow) Steve and James are now building a bespoke kitchen using Tulipwood for a paint finish.

Small hardwood round manufactured, very neat!!!

4.10.13 This is how some of the projects start, a site visit to your home/office to listen to the your requirements. I would put together a drawing to help visualize the design and scale, next stage is to set the project out in the workshop prior to manufacturing.

26.9.13 We are working on a beautiful property, however the sliding sash windows are in a very poor state, we are carrying out major repair work including replacement cills, framing and purpose made sashes where necessary, all using quality pinewood vac-treated for long life. 

24.9.13 This is going to be a heavy door to fit... not finished yet, moulding still to be fitted. We used solid Sapile timber and applied primer prior to moulding.

16.9.13 Two very nice purpose made internal oak doors.

2.8.13 Spray painting a bespoke media unit to hide the t.v, dvd, sound dock, maple top.


Fitting soon photo to follow.

15.7.13 Just completed this fitted wardrobe for a farmhouse in Compton, simple design for a paint finish.

12.7.13 Barge board sections for a lovely property in West Ashling, solid Sapile and primed in silver alliminium prior to a white finish.


Also setting out the next batch of joinery.

3.7.13 Big old bay!!!!! manufactured using quality pinewood, awaiting vac-treatment.

25.6.13 This was an awkward little job, bespoke curved oak skirting board around a conservatory.

Once again well made and fitted by Steve and Martin.

24.5.13 Fitted at last!! what a lovely job, took a little longer as we finished the doors using Omnia system for the first time. Spec as below

A clear waterborne timber treatment with specific additives which protect the structure of the wood and actively control discolouration. omnia preserve is formulated to provide surface protection against rot and fungal attack meeting.

25.4.13 Bespoke oak door and frame being fitted by the two Martin's, only Martin Cole managed to get in the shot, lovely job!!

4.4.13 Hard at work!! better than out in the cold!!

27.3.13 In twelve years time these children could be our competitors (woodworking party)

27.3.13 Some nice oak doors, dont look so worried Steve!!

19.2.13 Small base unit primed and ready for fitting followed by on site decoration.

Steve is working in a DVD cupboard, needs decorating and on site fitting.

11.2.13 Liam (again) maufacturing a small oak draw unit for a home/office.

24.1.13 Frames fitted, internal and external beading to fit, then tweak decoration and finished, one warm and cosy customer!!

22.1.13 Well on the way to fitting the frames, all going well!!

16.1.13  Just about to start fitting these french doors.....and its cold out there!!!!

10.1.13  This was an interesting project, purpose made laminated unit, customer was delighted :-)

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year from Stephen Webb and team.

2013 !!! well we are all back at work and starting to plan the next batch of work, first on the books a bespoke laminated media unit.... photo to follow